Faders react to wrong OSC message

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Faders react to wrong OSC message

Post  coupe70 on Mon Mar 25, 2013 7:43 am

I have a layout with a fader that reacts to the wrong incoming OSC message.
Don't know if it matters (don't think so), but it WAS set to react to a float on
address /cc1-23. When I set it to react to /cc1-2 (and yes, the layout is
reloaded with the new settings, even to another layout slot to be sure)
the fader not only moves when receiving /cc1-2, but also still moves when
receiving on /cc1-23.
/cc1-23 is confirmed in "technical info", so nothing wrong on the sending side.

Seems something is wrong in analyzing the incoming prefix.
When I set the fader to react to /cc1-4 it stops listening to /cc1-23,
when I set it back to /cc1-2 it moves again.
So it seems DAWOSC does not care if it is 2 or 23.
Also happens with 5 and 53.

Was hard to test as complete OSC input is breaking all the time.


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Re: Faders react to wrong OSC message

Post  Admin on Mon Mar 25, 2013 8:30 am

This should ok in the new version, but I'll double-check it.


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