New version of the App and Editor now available (version 3.41)

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New version of the App and Editor now available (version 3.41)

Post  Admin on Sun May 12, 2013 2:52 pm

I finally released the new version! It's version 3.41

It took awhile, but it's got a lot of new features. Here's the list or new features:

new PureData Patch file (MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD THIS!)
new editor
controllers now have min/max OSC values
controllers now have min/max MIDI values
controllers (or parts of them) can be transparent
controllers can work in reverse
app now holds 20 layouts
ability to not send button OFF commands
layouts can have a background color
x,y touch offset in Preferences
font size offset in Preferences
new Layout List loads up to 20 layouts at once
controllers can display all incoming OSC and/or MIDI messages
ability to batch-update layouts in editor
ability to edit controllers in excel-type screen in editor
cells in monomes can have different prefixes
controllers able to display their values - MIDI
controllers able to display their values - OSC
menu shows layout name
ability to change OSC ports
many bug fixes

The website has also changed: It's now at:

There's been a lot of changes internally in the app and editor as well, so if you find any bugs that we didn't catch, post them in the Bugs section.

The update should be available on Google Play in a few hours.



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