New Matrix Controller and other new stuff

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New Matrix Controller and other new stuff

Post  Admin on Sun Dec 09, 2012 10:56 am

New Matrix Controller added!

I've added a new Matrix controller to the app and editor. It's basically a grid of buttons that's ideal as drum pads. Here's what you can do:
- set the size and position of the Matrix

For each cell, you can set:
button back color
button fore color
button text color
button border color
button text
MIDI channel
MIDI note #
Note velocity
Set the button as push button or toggle button

Auto-Orientation for Each Layout

Say you have two layouts loaded in the app.

Layout 1 is a horizontal layout.
Layout 2 is a vertical layout.

Now, when you switch between these two layouts, your phone/tablet will automatically change to the proper orientation for each layout. Thanks go to a user for this idea (unfortunately I can't remember his name).

Reaper/Reaktor Users and OSC

After Christmas, I'm going to finish the OSC implementation in the app and editor. This will allow you to use the app directly with any OSC-enabled program Smile

Bug Fixes:
I fixed a bug that popped up a bunch of errors when starting on phones.
I fixed the bug that "unloaded" layouts.

Go to to Google Play to update the app and go to the website to download the new editor.


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