How to configure for Protools 11

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How to configure for Protools 11

Post  bcslaam on Wed Nov 06, 2013 7:59 pm


So the big question: Please provide a template for protools.

Annoyingly PT10/11 doesnt just map to midi like everything else. It needs either a Mackie Control emulation or M-audio keyboard emulation. Sure you can learn/map midi controllers to just plugins that have the inherent ability to do so. But thats not volume, pan, mute, sends mapping.

In my case I need to be able to map to sends and mutes so I can have a general control room surface that includes talkback mics, cue, main mix track select, arm and transport. So I can run a tracking session with it.

I have spent the last 8 hours scouring the net to find a solution. The MCU emulators I found didnt work in Windows 8 pro 64bit. And the ones that might like genMCE have disappeared. There is absolutely nowhere to download it now. Please enlighten me if Im wrong. Must I buy an iPad and V-Control affraid


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Re: How to configure for Protools 11

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 06, 2013 9:35 pm

Unfortunately, I can't help you with Pro Tools. I don't have Prop Tools. nor have I ever used it.

As long as Pro Tools will accept MIDI CC commands to control the things you want, then DAWOSC should work. Problem is (like you're having), I have no idea on how to tell Pro Tools to assign a MIDI CC to a control. Maybe there are other Pro Tools users here who can help you.



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