nolman feature requests (updating)

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nolman feature requests (updating)

Post  nolman on Thu Jan 03, 2013 1:55 am

ctrl-c + ctrl-v copy and past selected items

ctrl-z undo last move,paste,...

ctrl-left click to select multiple (not adjacent) buttons

ability to change parameters of multiple selected buttons at the same time

accurate preview of screentext instead of button type (when using bigger fontsize)

multiple lines (screentext) when using longer text and bigger fonts

buttons keep screentext when changing type

new mode besides design where you can test the design trough localhost/midi . (saves time switching and uploading between device and comp)

swiping between layouts would be great.

some kind of possibility to update multiple saved scaled designs at the same time when saving the one you edited.

makes more sense to have backcolour visible in designer since this is the default button state ?



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