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Layouts for Sonar (& other...)

Post  Gildas on Sun Jan 27, 2013 10:43 am

Hello there,

I'm working on layouts to use them with sonar ACT, the goal is to use them "eyes closed" to control plugs and get the possibility to be concentrated only on the sound. I also want a very clear visual, easy to understand at first sight. All layouts are accessible directly on the tablet screen, at this time there is EQ1 layout for classic eq, "Autre" ("other") layout (not definitive name) which is an EQ more intuitive than EQ1. Others layouts like EQ2 for not classic eq like pultec and "atten" pot, Compression layout, Gate layout, FX layout, Navigation layout are in preparation. All theses layouts can be modified to follow Dawosc evolutions or to better fit what I want and of course feel free to modifiy them like you want.

On Sonar you can open 4 ACT surfaces all controlled by dawosc, then use one bank for each surface, a way to get 64 faders/pot and 32 buttons. But 2 seems enought, for 32 faders/knobs and 16 buttons per screen.
The problem I can't resolve is the return of midi information to get an actualised screen on my tablet, if someone got an idea..

You can download these layouts here :

"EQ1" : which is less intuitive than the other called "Autre" but you can use it just to record gain & freq parameters in ACT because "Autre" layout use X-Y pad to control Freq&Gain but is impossile to record in ACT 'cause that's impossible just to move one axis...

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